Madison + Caleb

Madison contacted me in May wanting to take some photos of her and her boyfriend when they were visiting Dodge City during the 4th of July holiday. She sent me a lot of ideas and I scouted out a new location to shoot at. We lucked out with the weather on the day they were in town and had some pretty light. She shared with me her Native American roots and we made a casual pact to someday get photos of her in the native dress. These two were so much fun and I enjoyed meeting them.

Wiedemann Family

My cousins from Oklahoma were back in southwest Kansas to spend a little time and attend the rodeo. Dana asked me to take photos of her daughter, son-in-law and grandson as well has her and her husband. I quickly obliged. I did have to finagle getting the pickup for the day from my husband to get their crew to the prettiest spot in our pasture. Not sure how I managed that, but I was awfully thankful he gave it up for a day.

Barrel races

Barrel racing is one of my favorite sports. I competed for 20 some years and since I had my boys its been limited. Plus my good horse “got old” on me and I haven’t had time to get a young horse going. I will again.

Some friends from barrel racing invited me to shoot their jackpots in June. One was in my hometown and it was a fundraiser for Miss Rodeo Kansas. I took a couple hundred photos and had a heck of a time weeding out the good ones. The second event was two days in Scott City, and like the other race, I had heck picking out my favorites.

These photos are for sale on my website, Kylene Scott Photography. Here’s a few of my favorite ones from the barrel races.


Hudson Tate, part 2

Mr. Hudson has grown into a cute little guy. I took these photos of him June 1, and tried my darnedest to get his momma in them, but she quickly declined, citing the spit-up on her shirt and lack of makeup. I’ll get her next time! She did however have a couple neat ideas for props for us to use. She’s a referee for high school sports and had to have her jersey in a few. Loved it!

Load ’em up!

This year hasn’t been kind to our family, and the cattle had to be sold. When I walked out of the house to help load the last of the heifers, I went straight back in and got my camera. The light was spectacular and as much as it hurt to do what we had to do, it needed to be documented. Here’s a couple of my favorites from that May evening.